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Founder, John Currie, always loved salad. But, to have a good salad, you need a great salad dressing. While working at Gabby’s Italian restaurant as a teenager, John learned the secret to kickass food: a great recipe, the finest ingredients, and flawless execution. Gabby’s had great salad dressing! Unable to find anything similar on store shelves, John was inspired and embarked on a quest to make his own kickass salad dressing.

The Aha Moment

John made a lot of really bad salad dressing during years of experimentation. But, it kept getting better. Finally, while on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, he finally experimented his way to a truly kickass homemade salad dressing with simple, all natural ingredients, no additives, sugar, water or food chemistry alchemy to dilute the intense flavors.

Kicks Grilling Into Gear!

Stacy has always been a great cook. But she is a true grill master! As a busy mom and educator, she began using John’s salad dressing to marinate meats and veggies for simple, quick meals prepared on the grill. The salad dressings became a daily part of her meal preparation routine. Other people loved it too! For years, John and Stacy mixed hundreds of jars of what would become Semper Savage salad dressing for family and friends who raved about the flavor and clamored for more.

The Kicker

The final kick of inspiration and motivation to build a company came from their oldest daughter, who was living away from home, and missed the great flavor of Semper Savage for her salads. For Christmas one year, she gave John a case of mason jars with labels she’d made with a silly photo of him. John opened the present, and a note read, “Please fill these jars with salad dressing!” After having a good laugh, John and Stacy couldn’t help but admire the jars and labels. They began to talk about going out on a limb to start a company dedicated to America, great salad dressing and marinade, pursuit of excellence, and family.


John and Stacy started Semper Savage in 2018. A friend provided early mentorship to guide them through the process of bottling the salad dressing. After a solid year of hard work, two Semper Savage products were launched on Veterans Day 2019.

Things to Come

John’s personal quest for kickass salad dressing is now a crusade to bring our savagely flavorful products to the world! Semper Savage has several more products to launch in the near future. John and Stacy are excited to develop even more new products and are constantly developing new salad dressings and marinades. Stacy continues developing quick, simple, great tasting recipes to share in support of families on the go. We can’t wait to share our products with you, to serve our military, veterans, first responders and their families!