Semper Savage – Salad Dressings & more!

Dressing & Marinade 2 pack

Dressing & Marinade 4 pack

What Makes Us Special?

Semper Savage has one focus: Making the best tasting, all-natural salad dressings possible.  Compare our ingredients to ANY product on store shelves.  Notice a difference?  Semper Savage has no water to dilute the great tasting, healthy, natural ingredients.  No added sugar, no corn syup, no artificial colors, no cheap oil blends, no chemical formulas or mystery ingredients....NO CRAP!

We Believe!

We unapologetically stand for certain values and beliefs:
  • Individual freedom and liberty under God
  • Relentless pursuit of excellence in all things
  • Family comes first.  Life is a celebration
  • Patriotism.  We believe the USA is the greatest force for good in history
  • Hard work, Integrity and honor in everything.  Quality and honesty over profit
  • Leaders are servants to their subordinates

Semper Savage Introduction Video

Kickin’ Salad Dressing & Marinade!


You gotta shake the hell out of this stuff!
Semper Savage products are all natural with no artificial ingredients or emulsifiers. So, some vigorous shaking is needed. For best results,

Shake it! Pour it! Eat It!

Made in the USA!